Everything is Created Twice by Martin Honasan




The Cultural Center of the Philippines with support from Art Verite and The Working Animals Art Projects


Opening reception: 14 May, Thursday, 6pm
Artist talk: 28 May, Thursday, 2pm

Exhibit duration: 14 May to 14 June 2015

Bulwagang Carlos V. Francisco (Little Theater Lobby), Ground floor CCP Main Theater Building



Martin Honasan embarks on a project that explores the links between the act of preconception and the element of chance, will and accident, representation and abstraction. He begins by laying down huge canvases on the floor and allowing them to accumulate residual paints and stains, a method which he owes to Abstract Expressionism and musical improvisation. The sheets are cut into random shapes, mounted together and textured using a variety of abrasive tools. The randomly generated forms are then used to define portraits by grafting facials details as if they are natural extensions of the abstract forms. Here, the tendency of the mind to construct images out of random configurations, known in psychology as pareidolia, is instrumental. It is here that deliberate action fuses with spontaneous formation.     

Such artistic process and the resulting imagery poses inquiries on the interplay between structure and spontaneity, the arbitrariness of language and other signifying systems, and man’s hand in the larger scheme of life. Creation is a process that originates from an idea, conceived and completed in the mind, and “created” again as it takes physical form. Conversely, forms may at times be random and meaningless, recreated into something meaningful only when perceived by the senses and framed by our understanding.