Cultural Center of the Philippines



Opening reception: 28 February, Tuesday, 6pm

Uncovering Abstraction talk: 11 March, Saturday, 2pm

Exhibit duration: 28 February to 7 May 2017

Bulwagang Carlos V. Francisco (Little Theater Lobby)


The regular viewing time for gallery exhibits is from 10:00AM to 6:00PM but it is extended during performances in theaters and other performance venues up to the first interval of the show.  



You Are Here is a survey of various figurative and abstract works from the Visual Arts Collection of the Cultural Center of the Philippines. It is a deconstruction of presence and absence, missing and found, ebb and flow—a flux of coming and of going. This curated endeavor is meant to work as a dialogue between the works and the viewer, to engage visitors to make inferences and connections on how each work is situated as a part of a whole. The exhibit aims to help students and new museum visitors learn how to look at and appreciate modernist, especially abstract works, by prompting questions to reflect upon while looking at the pieces as contextualized in a curated show. The exhibition includes works by Lee Aguinaldo, Raymundo Albano, Augusto Albor, Constancio Bernardo, Ibarra dela Rosa, Lao Lianben, Arturo Luz, Lani Maestro, and Ben Maramag.