35th PPO CONCERT SEASON (2017-2018)



Cultural Center of the Philippines



Concert I – September 15, 2017

Concert II – October 13, 2017

Concert III – November 17, 2017

Concert IV – December 15, 2017

Concert V – January 19, 2018

Concert VI – February 16, 2018

Concert VII – March 16, 2018

Concert VIII – April 13, 2018


8:00 PM | Tanghalang Nicanor Abelardo (CCP Main Theater)



After its historic 2016 concert at the world-renowned Carnegie Hall in New York City, the PPO is once again embarking on another milestone as it enters its 35th Concert Season (2017-2018), which coincides with the orchestra’s 45th Anniversary. We are pleased to invite you to experience all that PPO has to offer this season, billed as “Romancing the Classics”. Explore the 35th Season Highlights.


From the wide-ranging gamut of orchestral gems to an extraordinary spectrum of soloists, the 2017-2018 concert season promises a delightful and uplifting classical music experience. Take a look at the PPO’s complete season repertoire.






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[OC] Orchestra Center                       1,500

[OS] Orchestra Side                           1,200

[EOS] Extreme Orchestra Side            800

[BIC] Balcony I Center                          500

[U. Box] Upper Box (6 tickets)           3,000

[L. Box] Lower Box (6 tickets)           7,200

[P. Box] Parterre Box (6 tickets)        9,000



20% Discount for Senior Citizens, PWD, Government and Military Personnel

50% Discount for Students


For reservations and other information, please call 832-3704 / 832-3706 or e-mail ccpsalesandpromo@gmail.com.