The Cultural Center of the Philippines in cooperation with Buhay Isang Awit Foundation, Inc.


November 19, 2017, Sunday, 7:30PM

Tanghalang Aurelio Tolentino (CCP Little Theater)



"Nasaan si Hesus?"

The show is about the difficulties of being a Christian during these modern times when pressures, temptations, distractions and drastic changes in lifestyles and attitudes abound.


The revue's various scenes tackle different areas of concern and struggles in the life of the modern day Filipino Christian.


Unlike a continuing one story-line play, each scene in the revue is a tale of a Christian struggling to keep his faith amidst the faithless and materialistic world.


The revue emphasizes the there is a world of difference between loft, noble truism and applied action.


Thus, in the scene involving street children and two do-gooders, the street urchins help the do-gooders as much as they were helped in return. The youngsters open the eyes of these people to the harsh, inhumane conditions that are the children's everyday reality.


In the political scene of the play, we will see that politicians gave out promises that are more often than not remains unfulfilled. As Christians, we have to realize that we should play an important role in making our electoral process clean and honest. Our responsibility does not end with the casting of our ballots on election day, rather it is the beginning of our duties as citizens to be vigilant of our rights and be active partners of our leaders to affect change in our nation.


The third scene will show us the dilemma of a young girl caught in a situation wherein she has to choose between getting an abortion, upon the urging of her boyfriend and listening to her best friend's plea to choose to give the gift of life to the child that is inside her womb.


Hypocrisy rears its ugly head anew in a factory scene that shows how a supposedly religious people maltreat and exploit their underage workers. The scene ends with a note of hope as the workers are helped to fight for their rights.


A lighter, more satirical scene shows how gossip, although seemingly harmless and fun to do, can ruin and hurt relationships and reputations.


Amidst all the uncertainties in this world, our faith could sometimes be shaken and we would often find ourselves questioning our relationship with God. This is what happened to the priest who questioned his vocation and his ability to live up to his priestly calling. In a dark moment of doubt, a child lighted his path back to God.


A man with two families is finally forced to face up to the selfishness of his ways and see how his act of infidelity has affected his loved ones. With the help of the priest, he looked deeper into himself until he saw the evils of his acts, the pain that he was causing his loved ones, and the sin that he was committing not only to society but to his God as well. With renewed strength he vowed that he would stop all these and make Christ the center of his life again.


There are other scenes in the play that depicts the complexities, the difficulties and the temptations on how it is to be a Christian in today's world. The insights and the emotions of the play are given life by the music written by Mrs. Lourdes Pimentel.



P1,500 | P1,000


20% Discount for Senior Citizens, PWD, Government and Military Personnel