Cultural Center of the Philippines



Exhibit duration: 28 March to 14 May 2017

Opening reception: 28 March, Tuesday, 6pm

Bulwagang Fernando Amorsolo (Small Gallery)


The regular viewing time for gallery exhibits is from 10:00AM to 6:00PM but it is extended during performances in theaters and other performance venues up to the first interval of the show.



A lone being from a distant planet sends signals out into space. The message is simple. A friendly gesture of kinship. An invitation to say (or hear): Ako pud. Me too.


Russ Ligtas, in this first solo exhibition after seven years, broadcasts into the void, a simulation of an individual’s reality — the world of his own, A homeworld in its numerous facets, throughout the intersections of its layers and gradations: the dance of the conscious and the subconscious, cycles of the feminine and masculine, receptive and active forces, the politics of the natural and synthetic, domestic and global, finite and abstract. An internal construct of the external whole manifested into tangible, palpable form.


Inside are continents and countries of one’s past, present, and perhaps even the future, populated by the figures, gods, and demons that comprise a soul. The ontological landscape where one resides and presides over being and becoming, belonging and isolation, the voids and voices of soliloquy — where the artist is creator and emissary of a strange, fantastical, and extraordinary realm but only ever just— anotherworld.