LAST FULL SHOW: Danilo Dalena Retrospective



The Cultural Center of the Philippines 



Opening reception: 10 December, Saturday, 4pm

Exhibit duration: 10 December 2016 to 5 March 2017

Bulwagang Juan Luna (Main Gallery)

Pasilyo Guillermo Tolentino (3F Hallway Gallery)

Bulwagang Fernando Amorsolo (Small Gallery)

Pasilyo Victorio Edades (4F Hallway Gallery)

and 4F Atrium 


The regular viewing time for gallery exhibits is from 10:00AM to 6:00PM but it is extended during performances in theaters and other performance venues up to the first interval of the show.



Last Full Show takes off from where the larger public was last served the broadest sweep of Danilo Dalena’s body of work in his 1990 survey exhibition also at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. Fuelled by his virtual absence on the gallery circuit for over 25 years, the perception that Dalena had hibernated from art all those years is dispelled as LFS reveals suites of drawings and paintings only recently done even as the artist has been slowed by several health crises.  Characteristic of Dalena’s signature affinity with the scatological and repellant, what could be of particular interest is his yet unfinished series of images referencing unseemly acts and antics in seedy movie houses.  While loosely taking on the structure of cinema with establishing sequences, transitions, freeze frames, and denouements, LFS is posited as a grand unfolding rather than definitive account.  Dalena himself insists that the wordplay be taken in the spirit of the elaborately risqué closing numbers of his famed Alibangbang (bar) series and the final all-star game of the now moribund Jai Alai where the performance goes full throttle and the one-upmanship is cutthroat and  in your face.