Oxymoron of Patterns




The Cultural Center of the Philippines


Opening reception : 21 October 2015, Wednesday, 6PM
Artists' talk: 21 November, Saturday, 2pm at the MKP Hall


Exhibit duration: 21 October to 22 November 2015
Pasilyo Victorio Edades (4F Hallway Gallery)



The world we live in is composed of moments or events that occur simultaneously within and in-between the processes of creation and destruction. Each of these events have a system behind it that is made up of a binary language. The structure or anatomy of this language in nature are made up of patterns. Patterns are found in the waves in the sea before they crash onto the shore, pulled by the absolute hold of the moon. They are in the change of seasons and the diurnal cycle of day and night. It is in the falling of the leaves and in the activities that we do in our everyday lives. Even in the birthing and dying of galaxies and stars. 
The enigmatic phenomenon of life is expressed through its building blocks of patterns. Patterns exist in space and time, and are everywhere at once. They are omnipresent, temporary, and fleeting at the same time. These dialogues or diagrams that convey the essence of living. Understanding patterns can open a new way of looking at the fabric of the complex life we have. The Oxymoron of Patterns explores the narratives of these systems of patterns, how they behave, act, react, breathe, and live in the spaces of existence. The language of patterns is intricate and contradictory, and its truth lies in its oxymoron. This exhibition is an attempt to frame the perplexity of patterns through a series of diagrams and aesthetic explorations.