EROSION by Ritche Yee




The Cultural Center of the Philippines 


Opening reception : 10 September, Thursday, 6pm
Artist talk: 25 September, Thursday, 4pm at the MKP Hall


Exhibit duration: 10 September to 11 October 2015
Pasilyo Vicente Manansala (2F Hallway Gallery)



Rtiche Yee’s upcoming solo exhibition at the Cultural Center of the Philippines bears the title Erosion. Working in series, the artist exalts in the uplift of Arte Povera’s minimalist aesthetics. Producing what he calls “painting-sculptures”, the artist exposes the physical and emotional truth of his materials, which in these works at once connotes a sense of vulnerability and violation. Painting, a two-dimensional art, vulnerably dependent essentially on an illusion of reality on canvas, has been disturbed by the physical intrusion of twisted iron bars, protruding from the physical space of the painting. Now the act of painting has been purged of its powers of illusion while sculpture, otherwise unshakable as a three-dimensional medium, has been usurped by the flatness of the canvas surface. While once sculpture thrived in the wide breathing space of a gallery or exhibition hall, it finds itself now constrained by the restraining four sides of a painting.

Recall that someone once wittily defined sculpture as that which you bump into as you walk back to admire a painting. With Ritche’s works, the visual and sculptural experience have been merged in essence, with no telling where one begins and the other ends.

The experience, too, affords the viewer the pleasure of seeing hard and sturdy material, such as iron, along with the buttery malleability of oils and acrylics. Sculptors like the American David Smith and the Spanish Julio Gonzales, who taught Picasso how to weld iron, have remarked how the material has always been associated with battles and warfare. In their hands, however, iron assumed a more expressive and lyrical power. Learning from this example, Ritche bends and twists, in thrusts and counterthrusts, releasing the linear, calligraphic eloquence of iron bars.

Erosion will have its opening reception on 10 September, Thursday at 6pm at the CCP's Pasilyo Vicente Manansala (2F Hallway Gallery). Ritche Yee will be giving an Artist Talk on 25 September, Thursday at 4pm at the CCP's 4th floor MKP Hall. Erosion by Rtiche Yee is on view until 11 October 2015. Viewing hours are Tuesday to Sunday, 10am to 6pm. For more information, call the CCP Visual Arts & Museum Division, Production & Exhibition Department at (632) 832-1125 loc. 1504/1505, (632) 832-3702, mobile (63920) 4700690, email