Cultural Center of the Philippines in cooperation with

UP College of Music and UP Center for International Studies with the support of the

Office of the UP President and Office of the UP Vice-President for Academic Affairs



April 9, 2017 | 3:00PM and 8:00PM

Tanghalang Aurelio Tolentino (CCP Little Theater)



Music, dance, and theater artists from the University of the Philippines perform the Komedya, also called moro-moro among the Tagalogs, in a new play entitled Putri Anak, Isang Bagong Komedya. The production is one of the year-long series of events celebrating the UP College of Music’s centennial year.


Putri Anak features a composite text from the celestial maiden narratives common in South East Asian cultures and showcases performance elements adapted mostly from the San Dionisio Komedya, which includes, among others, the dicho, loa, marcha, pasadoble, sintahan, laban, and gran batalla. The production also showcases Komedya movements, enhanced by Filipino and Southeast Asian performance traditions, with inspiration taken from Indonesia’s Tari Java (Javanese court dance), India’s Bharata Natyam, and the martial arts sagayan, arnis, and pencak silat.


As its lead innovation, the Bagong Komedya responds to the need for a contemporary Filipino performance by combining the rich music and performance traditions of the Philippines and its Asian neighbors that will hopefully be appreciated by the more cosmopolitan taste of a present-day audience.


The music is inspired by traditional and hybridized Southeast Asian music forms.  The Philippine kulintang is used as springboard of the music of the play and references musical styles present in theater forms such as randai, norah, makyong as well as rituals and ceremonies such as the cañao, sagayan and sinulog.  The half-sung, half-declaimed rhyming verse of the narrative text is woven into the dialogue, based on the dicho of the San Dionisio Komedya, and interspersed with a few songs.


The shift from a theatre of conflict and division to one of unity is another of the Bagong Komedya’s innovation. Putri Anak seeks to present a theatre of peace and unity, free of religion-based discrimination and violence, and which instead celebrates Asian culture, heritage and artistic expression.




Direction:                    Jina C. Umali,

Choreography:            Angela Baguilat and Jeremy de la Cruz

Music:                         Verne de la Peña.

Script:                          Enrique S. Villasis and Juan Ekis

Dramaturgy:               Grace Jaramillo and theater Bryan Viray.



Rajah Sulaymon:         Alexander Dagalea

Sultan Magnaye:         Jude Matthew Servilla

Putri Anak:                  Ela Lisondra


With the UP Tugtugang Musika Asyatika (UP TUGMA) and the UP Dance Company



Ticket Price    :           P500 , free seating

Discounts:                   20% - Senior Citizen, Differently-abled Persons, Government and Military Personnel;

50% - Student

Call 832-3704 | 891-9999