T’AINT OPERA! (Hits from the Weird and Wonderful World of Operetta)



Cultural Center of the Philippines

and Philippine Opera Company



July 18, 2018 | 7:00PM

Tanghalang Nicanor Abelardo (CCP Main Theater) Lobby



The Philippine Opera Company's Young Artists' Series (YAS) Season 2018-2019 in cooperation with the Cultural Center of the Philippines and The Friends of the Philippine Opera Foundation present the second offering for the season: “T’ Aint Opera!”


Operetta is a short opera, usually on a light or humorous theme and typically having spoken dialogue. It is often considered less "serious" than operas. While an opera's story is usually believable and more relatable to its audience, an operetta aims to simply amuse. Notable composers of operettas include Offenbach, Johann Strauss, Lehár, and Gilbert and Sullivan.


“Treasury of Great Operettas” is an extravaganza of familiar, easy-to-listen-to music combined with dance, acting and storytelling that recalls happy memories of a time when life was less complicated. It’s a musical confection that delights the ears and eyes, leaving audiences feeling joyful and filled with energy and optimism, ready to take on the year – and world – that lies ahead. Listen to arias from “Die Fledermaus”, “Merry Widow”, “The Mikado”, “Pirates of Penzance”, “Das Land des Lächelns” (The Land of Smiles), “Naughty Marietta”, “The Enchantress” and many more.






  1. THREE LITTLE MAIDS – Mikado (Rein Pineda, Kimberly Adam and Camille Maica Juanitez)

  2. POOR WANDERING ONE – Pirates of Penzance (Camille Maica Juanitez with Kimberly Adam and Rein Pineda)

  3. WERE I THY BRIDE- Yeomen of the Guard (Cloi Sugano)

  4. YOU WERE DEAD YOU KNOW – Candide (Melissa Camba and Kevin Guiman)

  5. YOU ARE MY HEART’S DELIGHT- Land of Smiles (Nazer Salcedo)

  6. VILJA – Merry Widow ( Cloi Sugano )

  7. I WANT WHAT I WANT WHEN I WANT IT - Merry Widow  (Renz Nathaniel Cruz)

  8. LAUGHING SONG – Die Fledermaus (Eden Dumlao)

  9. I AM EASILY ASSIMILATED - Candide (Neomi Iaian Giron with Kevin Guiman,  and Renz Nathaniel Cruz)

  10. TRIO OF WIVES – Christopher Columbus (Melissa Camba, Neomi Iaian Giron, Eden Dumlao, Kevin Guiman and Renz Nathaniel Cruz)

  1. FLEURETTE’S SONG (Melissa Camba)R

  2. ROSA’S STORY (Neomi Iaian Giron)

  3. GRETEL’S TYROLIENNE (Eden Dumlao)

  1. LOVE IN MY HEART AWAKING – Merry Widow (Kevin Guiman)

  2. AND THIS IS MY BELOVED – Kismet (Renz Nathaniel Cruz, Kevin Guiman, Nazer Salcedo and Cloi Sugano)

  3. DANCE A CACHUCHA – The Gondoliers (All singers)


Director: Jaime del Mundo                                                                                                         

Assisting Artist: Obel Alalong