The competition calls for all interested artists, designers, and architects to submit a proposal for an outdoor site-specific art installation at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP). The competition aims to find an attractive and inspiring lighting solution to illuminate the CCP Liwasang Asean Park for the 2016 holiday season. The installation must be innovative and unique, and must reflect the theme of “Paskong Pinoy”. Sound elements may be included as well. The installation may be of any material, but must be resistant to the elements, require no maintenance, and be safe in a public outdoor setting that includes active pedestrian traffic and exposure to weather conditions.
The temporary installation should include the Omni logo and should make use of Omni electrical and lighting products. A list of existing materials such as weather-proof sockets, par lamps and LED bulbs will be provided to interested applicants, which can be used for the installation. Applicants will also be required to use and modify an existing metal tree structure that is 50ft tall and 20ft wide. A layout of the structure may be requested and an ocular can be made prior to the submission of proposals. Entries must be suitable for display in a public outdoor setting and must last for the entire exhibition period (November 2016 to January 2017).
Omni through the Cultural Center of the Philippiness shall provide a grant of four hundred thousand pesos (Php 400,000) to help defray costs of professional fees, materials, preparation and fabrication of modular elements, its transport to and from the CCP, the mounting of the art installation at the above mentioned site, and its removal after the end of the exhibition period. CCP will provide limited assistance and machinery, if necessary, but the proponent must direct the installation and removal, and provide any specialized hardware required. The metal structure and the Omni products will remain the propertyof Omni electrical and lighting after the end of the exhibition period.


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September 20 – Deadline for submission of proposals
September 22 – Selection of approved proposal and 
         announcement to the public
September 24 to October 24 – Production
October 25 to November 2 – Ingress and installation
November 3 – Launch
January – Egress





The competition is open to everyone over 18 years of age. Each proponent or team can submit up to three proposals. Each proposal must be entered into the competition separately. Previously published installations can also be entered into the competition. In these, the proponents must include information about the previous occasions in which the installation has been used and on intellectual property rights.



Selection Process and Application Requirements

Applications must be submitted via email by 5pm of  September 20, 2016. Applications must include a completely filled out application form and a PDF of the installation  proposal. Proposals should include the following:
• A short (two-page maximum) bio and artist statement which includes artist contact information
• Description of the work, including title, materials, dimensions, and installation and technical requirements. 
• 1 to 3 illustrations or studies
• Cost estimate or budget for the entire project
*The chosen applicant will be asked to submit a complete  electrical and structural plan of the approved installation one month prior to the launch for permit purposes.
Proposals received after the deadline will not be considered.  No application fee is required.



Rights to Competition Proposals


The proponents retain the rights to their proposals. Groups  must decide on the division of rights among themselves before entering the competition. The proponent must sign a  declaration indicating that, to the best of their knowledge,  their proposal does not violate the rights of others. The CCP  and Omni cannot be held liable if an idea published in  documents relating to the competition or its results is  subsequently used by a third party without permission. By entering the competition, the proponent assigns the right to use and publicly display his/her proposal to the organiser for the communications and marketing of the competition.



Evaluation and Jury


Proposals will be evaluated based on the following: 


• Originality and innovativeness

• Feasibility of the implementation

• Ties to the theme and to both the CCP and Omni’s 

institutional mandates

• Appropriateness to the surroundings and eco-friendliness


The competition jury will be composed of a representative  from the CCP, Omni, and a guest artist.


The winner will be contacted personally and the results will  be published in the CCP website and social media pages. The CCP reserves the right to reject any installation that does  not conform to stated specifications and/or is markedly different  from the submitted images, or poses public risk.


FOR INQUIRIES, please call CCP Visual Arts & Museum Division, Production & Exhibition Department at landlines (632) 8321125 local 1504/1505, or (632) 8323702, or contact Phillip at mobile (0906) 4803330, email For more information visit

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