Random Index




The Cultural Center of the Philippines



Opening reception: 21 September, Wednesday, 6pm

Artist talk: 19 October, Wednesday, 4pm

Exhibit duration: 21 September to 6 November 2016

Pasilyo Victorio Edades (4F Hallway Gallery) and 4F Atrium



Errol Orbida aka Chill, presents a catalog of photos taken to document random moments in his life in the streets of Manila. In Random Index, a slideshow of more or less three thousand photos will be projected on a wall that can be viewed from the outside, giving the people access to Orbida’s perspective. The wall is essential for it acts as a public space. Given that the artist has a background in street art, communicating awareness through images is the artist’s primary intention. Orbida is also interested in examining at the similarities between photography and graffiti, such as locating the perfect spot or the perfect moment. A random selection of photos from the catalog will also be printed and exhibited on the walls of the hallway.

Random Index also looks into the idea of reflection and the process of image making in photography. The artist reflects his moments, the camera reflects light, light is reflected by a projector, mirror reflects the image to the public, and it leaves the public with questions to be reflected upon, giving more value and meaning to an image, selected randomly both by the artist and the viewer.

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