The Cultural Center of the Philippines 


Opening Reception: 10 March, 5pm

Artist Talk: 17 march, 5pm  

Exhibit Duration: 10 March to 10 April



Places is artist Alfred Marasigan’s attempt at sharing personal moments of introspection. For the artist, external spaces, particularly ‘non-places’, have a profound effect on contemplative individuals like him. Because of their lack of character/distinction/significance, the subjective mind is able to transform them into places through art. It is Marasigan’s hope that his works will encourage people to re-imagine the spaces they inhabit into places they can eventually value.


Places also includes an outdoor installation entitled Flight. The artist explains that Flight is a bridge that connects polar ideas such as the inside and the outside, the self and the world, the ideal and the real. In a world of extremes, art can reconcile binaries.


Places is Alfred Marasigan’s first solo exhibition.