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After the huge success of the first ever Fringe Manila last February, the festival will return for its second year to the Cultural Center of the Philippines from February 20 to February 28.


"Fringe Manila is a huge piece of performance art itself," says Taipei Fringe Festival Curator Hsin-I Lin of her Manila experience. For three weeks of the nation’s Art’s Month recently, over 20,000 audiences in 37 venues, featuring 388 performances and exhibits of over 1,000 artists, attended the Fringe. The festival saw the participation of major cultural partners such as the Cultural Center of the Philippines, De La Salle College of Saint Benilde School of Design and Arts, the National Commission for Culture and the Arts, Viva Manila, the Ayala Museum, Sev’s Café, Orange Segment Print and Design Studio, and numerous venues in and around the city of Manila that provided a home for artists to showcase their work. Its success and surprising turn out exceeded even the Fringe team’s expectations.


Under the umbrella of the internationally acclaimed multi-arts festival, Fringe Manila is an open access, artist-driven community celebration that showcased fresh, daring, and groundbreaking work by emerging and established artists from the Philippines, as well as, international participants in theater, literature, music, dance, visual art, film, cabaret, performance art, spoken word and every other artistic genre in between.


“Having witnessed so many artists who chose to participate, audiences who took risks in exploring new work, and engaged in diverse group of collectives, organizations, schools, and enthusiasts for our first year is definitely a huge accomplishment and a testament to what the city has to offer. We are excited to see more for 2016” shares Andrei Nikolai Pamintuan, Fringe Manila’s founding board member and Festival Director.


Fringe encourages artists to be part of the journey towards its second year; to represent their artistic voice and genre to a wide range of audiences. The festival’s open-access and non-curated nature allows actors, visual artists, directors, creative writers, musicians, comedians and all types of artists at different stages of their careers to take part in the Fringe. Venues – conventional and unconventional with regular programming that fall into the Fringe Festival dates are also urged to participate.


Fringe Manila sees no borders. Associate Director and Board Chair, Ina Abuan said, “Whether you’re an independent producer, a non-profit organization, a production house, gallery or something that defies categorization, Fringe Manila is here to help provide a platform to get your work seen and heard.”


To learn more, visit our website www.fringemanila.com, email us at hello@fringemanila.com, like us on Facebook at facebook.com/FringeMNL or follow us on Twitter and Instagram at @fringemnl.









February 20, 2016/ Saturday





ADHD Productions: Titas of Manila


The Flow Collective: The Flow Art Show

February 21, 2016/ Sunday

4 pm




8 pm

Project Mayheim Productions: We Choose To Go To The Moon


Project Mayheim Productions: We Choose To Go To The Moon

February 23, 2016/ Tuesday


Sining Banwa: Gymgurls

February 24, 2016/ Wednesday


Sining Banwa: Gymgurls

February 25, 2016/ Thursday


Deus Sex Machina

February 26, 2016/ Friday


ADHD Productions: Titas of Manila

February 27, 2016/ Saturday





ADHD Productions: Titas of Manila


ADHD Productions: Titas of Manila 

February 28, 2016/ Sunday

4 pm




8 pm

Project Mayheim Productions: We Choose To Go To The Moon


Project Mayheim Productions: We Choose To Go To The Moon





DUYSY is an exploration of the individual's pursuit of truth throughout ones lifetime. Drawing from the meditational practices of the Mevlevi Order [or whirling dervishes] in Sufism, Green Glass Door offers Fringe-goers a one-man durational movement piece that examines the limitations of human physical/mental/spiritual endurance and asks the question, “When all other meanings fall away, what is there left to believe?”


MANIACAL                                                                                                                                                              Adapted from Moliere’s Les Femmes Savantes, Maniacal transports the play’s seventeenth century bourgeoisie and setting to present day Manila’s theater scene. In Maniacal, Moliere’s commedia dell'arte characters are transformed into a group of theater artists grappling with the “pretentious intellectualism” in creating art. A satirical take on the foibles, travails and pitfalls of artists who over-intellectualizes their craft, Maniacal takes a humorous jab at the challenges of creating art while trying to eke out a living.


Founded by Taiwan artists Lin Chi Ping and Pan Yu Chen in 2005, Juedai create themes that reflect the current society of Taiwan. Absolute beauty - Taiwan image is a combination of Taiwanese culture and contemporary dance featuring Taiwan's traditional puppet shows, acrobatics, Taiwanese oldies 1950’s, Taiwan 90’s rock. There is no language barrier in this show and it’s suitable for all the family.



A thriving community and one that hangs onto life for survival- Daloy Dance Company tells non-linear narratives of two sides of the contemporary Filipino society in the premiere of two upcoming choreographies. Unity, cooperation and abundance come to life in the new work Himalaya, featuring the music of Maquiling Music Ensemble. In Himalaya, the spirit of Bayanihan in the tight-knit barangays of pre-hispanic Philippines gleams in the everyday life in urban Manila.  On the other hand, oppression and desperation based on the lives of sex workers in Manila, are embodied   in Ea Torrado’s Canton. With a preview at Fringe Festival launch in March 2014, and a showcase at Ho Chih Minh International Dance Festival, Canton will personify the hardships of fellow countrymen that are often ignored and by passed. In suites of solos, duets, trios and ensemble, Daloy Dance Company, supported by Alvin Ersaga Tolentino, Steps Dance Project and Tuchi Imperial, delves into the paradoxes of contemporary Philippines in Canton Atbp


TUNGKOL KAY ANGELA                                                                                                                                                In the near future, a couple’s attempt for a peaceful evening is broken when a young man seeks refuge. They take him in, and together the three form an altogether unreal reality. Receiving accolades from the Palanca Awards and BBC International Playwriting Competition, “Tungkol kay Angela” premieres this February 2015.



Based on true to life encounters with difficult taxi drivers, confrontations with eccentric passengers and what not, Kwentong Komyut shares and sympathizes with the everyday struggle of commuters to traverse through life situations involving different modes of public transportation in the metro. Ugh, so middle class problems.


THE PILLOWMAN                                                                                                                                                       The Sandbox Collective's The Pillowman is a staging of Martin McDonagh's Tony award-winning play about a writer being interrogated by detectives for the suspicious similarity of his works of fiction to real life murders.



The Boy in the Bathroom is a quirky yet compelling musical that explores the relationship between a boy named David and his mother Pam. When an unforeseen variable named Julie enters the picture, both David and Pam’s respective worlds are shaken and possibly, changed for good.


QUANTO SALTO – A FLOW ARTS SHOW                                                                                                                                                          Flow Art Show allows object manipulation such as poi spinning, hooping, staff spinning, and juggling among others to be more about expressing than impressing. See the real beauty of the Flow Arts and experience a deeper expression of the Flow Arts.



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