In-between-spaces by Fiona Gavino




The Cultural Center of the Philippines with support from the Government of Western Australia Department of Culture and the Arts


Opening reception : 20 August, Thursday, 6pm
ARTIST TALK: Fiona Gavino in conversation with Marika Constantino: 26 August, Wednesday, 4pm

Exhibit duration: 20 August to 20 September 2015
Pasilyo Victorio Edades (4F Hallway Gallery)



War can have an intergenerational effect on families. It manifests within artist Fiona Gavino's ideas about egalitarianism, culture, identity, as well as in her art practice.
Space is a three-dimensional realm in which objects and circumstances become part of the unavoidable framework for organizing and referencing individual experiences. However, space is only created by boundaries, lines or structures that allows the eye to define space, to make sense of it, and to engage with it. Cultural space is more ambiguous and cannot as easily be defined by the drawing of lines and the ‘pigeon-holing’ of identities. 
The works in In-between-spaces exudes a unique ethnicity, the foundations of which lay within the artist’s family heritage and lived experiences. The exhibition is about Gavino's ideas about cultural and architectural space, which she intersects with the Filipino material cultural traditions of basket weaving and contemporary visual dialogues. The artist’s perceptions of space is defined in the gallery by a collection of ‘relations’ between object, viewer, and experience. 
Gavino, with her Filipino, Maori, and Australian heritage, is interested in and influenced by working with the idea of fusions. Amalgamations in inter-cultural dialogues and mixing the aesthetic of the natural/physical, the manufactured/formal and the digital/perceptual is used to punctuate her ideas around what can happen or exist in the spaces in-between. 
In-between-spaces consists of sculptural installations, videos, and two-dimensional wall reliefs that represents the artist’s notions of being in between countries and cultural and artistic genres. Gavino believes that being ‘in-between’ is an interesting place to exist. It is a space that is less restrictive and more creative, where notions of existence and self-legitimizing identities can flourish.