Powerplay by Keb Cerda




The Cultural Center of the Philippines with support from Art Verite and The Working Animals Art Projects


Opening reception: 14 May, Thursday, 6pm
Artist talk: 28 May, Thursday, 2pmExhibit duration: 14 May to 14 June 2015Pasilyo Victorio Edades (4F Hallway Gallery), 4th floor CCP Main Theater Building


Keb Cerda plays around with the concept of power, its agents, and the multitude of forms it is manifested in history. The young artist appropriates old photographs sourced from digital repositories online and inserts humor that opens up reflections on conflict, technology, violence and culture. Portraits of war leaders with mouths superimposed with bubblegum turn into a parody of sorts that pokes fun on the few yet prime movers behind global conflict. War scenes transform into sites of fun and adventure when mixed with amusement park attractions, a blending of the festive and the violent which may suggest how war has become a game where leaders regard battlefields as their playground and the masses as their pawns. It can also extend to a critique of today’s popular media where the spectacle of violence has desensitized our perception of the gravity of war and other atrocities.This playful take on war and its personalities underscores the power of humor to critique society and offer a potent reminder of unlearned lessons from the past that continue to haunt us in the present. Wars are testament to human folly, and the contest for power and domination remains an enduring force in the unfolding of history.