Latitudes by Mark Salvatus



The Cultural Center of the Philippines with support from Sony Philippines Incorporated


Artist presentation: 7 October, 4pm, MKP Hall
Reception: 7 October, 6pm, Pasilyo Vicente Manansala (2F Hallway Gallery)
Exhibit duration: 7 October to 16 November 2014
Pasilyo Vicente Manansala (2F Hallway Gallery)


Latitudes, a solo exhibit by 13 Artists Awardee Mark Salvatus, will feature three new works, two of which are ongoing projects that will be shown for the first time.


Pressure is an installation work composed of air sickness bags that the artist collects in his constant travels locally and internationally. Salvatus presents the bags as ephemera with his breath inside. Pressure talks about transience, migration, wandering, precariousness, globalism, and capital (by way of the logos of airlines). He plans to continue this project for the next two to three years.


Pure, an installation composed of video and found objects, is about water, bottled mineral water, in particular, and how it is now a universal and basic need which can be bought anywhere. For this project, the artist bought bottled water in different countries and poured its contents into a nearby river. Pure was inspired by Salvatus’ two-month stay in Thailand where he learned about their spiritual cleansing belief about water. Since then, he has continued the project in Japan and Sweden. He will create his Manila piece for the first time in this show. The video component of Pure features short documentations of him pouring water into the rivers, which will accumulate into one video series as the project progresses. The empty bottles that he collected will also be part of exhibition. Salvatus also plans to continue this project for the next two to three years.


Finally, Land examines the meaning and symbolism of the camouflage pattern in contrast to how it is often used and regarded. A floor installation uses the camouflage pattern to depict a small mountain range running from end to end of the hallway gallery. Land is a collection of camo uniforms used by military/soldiers from USA, Korea, and other places that Salvatus bought from second hand shops in Manila.



All three projects are about collecting, about the familiar and the everyday, and how the artist puts them in a different context depending on his current interest and mindset. He presents these three works in Latitudes as “three different short stories without a definite plot.”